Transmission & Distribution Network Planning

Planning a distribution network is a long-term process, some high value equipment has an operational life exceeding 60 years. This means it is vital to consider all the technical aspects associates with the designed and operation over the short, medium and long term. Getting it wrong means stranded assets or assets being replaced too early.
Having led the Primary System Design team within the East Midlands, Philip was responsible for the safe and efficient development of the East Midlands 33kV and 132kV networks to UK technical requirements. This network supplies power to 2.6m homes and businesses through 490 Bulk Supply Points and Primary Substations. He also held the technical and commercial accountability for the network reinforcement, new Demand connections and new Generation connections.

He led the strategy to cater for demand increases including CBA and optioneering process for the locating of new Grid Supply Points (400kV/132kV), Bulk Supply Points (132kV/33kV) and Primary Substations (33kV/11kV) across the East Midlands

UBGC and its associates can advise how to economically develop a technically compliant power system.