Supporting Distributed Generation Projects

Distributed Generation, also known as Embedded or Disperse generation is any type of generator connected to the distribution network rather than the transmission network. This includes solar, wind, biomass, hydro power, geothermal, gas and diesel engines.

UBGC and its associates can provide support for developers, including:

  • Advice for DG developers to decide which connection is right for them:
    – Firm connections:
    Two different network connections to independent network assets and a connection agreement to export on either network. This means an outage or fault on any one network asset should not impact on the ability to export power.
    – Non-Firm connections:
    One single network connection to the distribution network. This means an outage or fault on a network asset may result in the site being unable to export or reduce the ability to export.
    – Alternative, timed, ANM, Flexible connections:
    Either one or two connections, but the DNO has the ability to constrain the generation down or off under both normal and abnormal network conditions (this is often when there is high levels of generation and the network demand is low).
  • Supporting developers make a DG Application
    – Support filling in the ENA Application and providing advice for technical and commercial questions.
  • Due Diligence for Accepted and Connected schemes
    – Review of Accepted offers and Connection Agreements to assess risks for a site.
  • Providing specialist Active Network Management consultancy
    – Risk assessment for ANM connection offers.
    – Analysis of potential constraints under credible scenarios.
  • Advice for connected generators experiencing issues or constraints.
  • Supporting advice for ENA G100 assessments (Customer Export Limiting Schemes)