UB Grid Consultancy

Supporting the development of electricity networks across the globe

UB Grid Consultancy (UBGC) is a leading and respected provider of specialised technical and commercial knowledge in the Electricity Transmission and Distribution sectors.

With our extensive industry knowledge, we offer advice and find solutions for our clients’ challenges primarily within the United Kingdom and Mongolia. We provide consultancy on how to configure power networks, where smart grids are appropriate, and all aspects of energy generation and demand connections from inception to commissioning. Our dedicated team brings expertise in feasibility, optioneering, detailed bespoke applications for each project, ongoing project management, helping to understand and reduce risks, along with a strong track record of solving technical and commercial issues at all stages of the project development.

We strive to help you find the best options for your projects, find the most appropriate design, and prevent focusing on unviable options. Our client-centric approach ensures we quickly and effectively provide you with the answers you need for your projects. With our experienced team and deep understanding of the energy landscape, we navigate the complexities of the industry to deliver exceptional results.

Our Key Values

  • Providing independent, impartial advice
  • Robust and practical solutions
  • Educating and transferring knowledge to clients
  • Confidentiality, open debate, and a focus on timely delivery
  • Maintaining clear communication with both technical and non-technical audiences

Our Services

With our Prince2 Project Manager expertise, UBGC offers comprehensive project management services for technical and commercial projects. From managing accepted projects to coordinating DNOs, ICPs, and developers, we ensure efficient and high-quality project delivery. Trust us to help support your projects from start to finish, focusing on collaboration and successful outcomes.

UBGC and its engineers offer impartial advice and support to organizations, including Large Industrial Users, SMEs, and Local Authorities. Our consultancy provide services on power and energy strategies relating to distribution and transmission connections, informing the consequences of decisions to ensure customers have the suitable connection for their requirements and understand the short and long term implications.

UBGC works with EV charging hub developers when developing a portfolio of timely, cost-effective connections, often combined with generation and energy storage projects. We help developers determine what the optimal solution is, potential timescales, expected costs, and risks based on technical restrictions at each location. We advise on the security of supply options and the short and long-term commercial implications. UBGC designs high-quality applications with the appropriate Customer Limitation Schemes for both import and export, allowing customers to receive the best offer for their individual site.

UBGC provides expert support for Distributed Generation (DG) and Transmission projects, including solar, energy storage, wind, biomass, energy from waste, hydro, gas, and nuclear generation. We help developers understand the technical, regulatory, and commercial aspects of both transmission and distribution connections from initial feasibility to connected schemes. We can help you understand the risks and opportunities, optimising all aspects of connections. UBGC specialises in assessing ANM curtailment risk and abnormal network running risks.

When planning distribution and transmission networks, it is crucial to consider technical and operational aspects over the short, medium, and long term, avoiding stranded, prematurely replaced assets or headaches for future developments. UBGC and its engineers can provide advice on developing technically compliant power system, focussing on resilience, efficiency, flexibility, simplicity, and compliance to technical standards.

UBGC brings our experienced planning knowledge to all aspects of our consultancy, focusing on technically appropriate, cost-effective solutions in all cases.

Smart Grids offer numerous benefits and can be utilized as effective temporary or enduring tools to address various challenges in the electricity sector. By implementing suitable Smart Grid techniques in strategic areas, it is possible to accelerate network access and reduce costs for customers. These techniques can also be employed by businesses to optimise their private networks, leading to quicker solutions, cost savings, improved security, and better utilisation of the existing electricity infrastructure.

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