Developing Companies Power and Energy Strategies

UBGC and its associates can provide impartial advice and support for organisations including Large Industrial Users, SMEs, Local Authorities.

  • Supporting Local Authorities with the development of the Local Plan relating to Electricity,
  • Detail where the existing distribution network is and the capacity it likely can support,
  • Work with the local Distribution Network Operator to identify to you the likely areas which will require significant works or likely to have high network reinforcement costs.
  • Help you work with the Distribution Network Operator to ask the right Questions.
  • Supporting businesses plan for their electricity requirements:
    – Advising how to reduce consumption
    – Advise how to improve electricity forecasting
    – Advise how to reduce the risks of price volatility
    – Applying to increase a site’s Agreed Supply Capacity
    – Advising how to install generation or energy storage
    – Provide a range of options to consider